RDS Automotive Group Adds Karma of The Main Line to Dealer Group

DEVON, Pa. (August 8, 2016) — The RDS Automotive Group is pleased to announce the latest addition to its exclusive group of brands: Karma of The Main Line.

Karma of The Main Line joins Porsche of The Main Line, McLaren Philadelphia and Maserati of The Main Line among the RDS Auto Group dealerships, and will assume its home on The Main Line in Devon, Pa. It is one of only ten franchised dealerships hand-picked for the North American market by Karma Automotive.

The rejuvenation of Karma Automotive comes through the Karma Revero, the new luxury four-door hybrid coupe, which will be produced domestically in Southern California.

The Revero will be offered across the branches of their new dealer network, acting as prototypical centers for sales of the Revero and service of the preceding Fisker Karma, as well as all future projects from the company. Karma Automotive will formally unveil the Revero in early September with more details to follow soon.

Please read Karma Automotive’s article in the Automotive News: