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The heritage of McLaren Automotive runs much deeper than just the road cars it has been producing since 2011, and even further than its successful F1 road car project in the early 1990’s. The various disciplines of motorsports that McLaren has impacted for decades have lent expertise to creating the groundbreaking vehicles that we see today. As a McLaren retailer with an immersion in motorsports and a heavy hand in preserving the heritage of the F1 and its successors, we wear those titles with honor—and now you can, too.
RDS Apparel is the go-to site for McLaren-branded apparel exclusively from McLaren Philadelphia. From clothing to collectibles, these items showcase the brand loyalty of our fans and the exclusivity that comes with the McLaren name.

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The range of clothing features our logos as well as Customer Racing and F1 logos, printed or embroidered on stylish tee shirts and outerwear. The upcoming "Heritage Collection" will then further commemorate the legends of the McLaren brand, and will complement the range of additional branded accessories available across our store. And for the aspiring automotive collector, we offer unique pins made in limited numbers of some of our favorite cars, as well as detailed scale models of them.
Browse the store to pick out your favorite McLaren gear just in time for the holidays!
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