The 911 Speedster is a Proper Tribute to Porsche's Roots

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It’s hard to say that a car sold in 2019 and possessing all the modern performance features of a brand new 911 is a classic. But when the 911 Speedster was unveiled, it was clear that this was a proper tribute to Porsche’s earliest racers—not just in appearance, but in emotion and excitement.
The Speedster was the final road-going variant of the 991 generation and was unveiled to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Porsche’s first production model. Fittingly, 1,948 units were made available to purchase, each carrying the pedigree of Porsche’s most thrilling achievements. Contrary to the 997 generation’s reimagination of the Speedster name, the 991 model only comes equipped with a 6-speed manual, reviving the analog experience that Porsche sports cars were always heralded for. And while the 911 range has adopted turbocharging for more than just its halo models, the Speedster retains the naturally-aspirated flat six and introduces individual throttle bodies for more responsive performance. Additional shedding of weight and complexity in the exhaust system purifies the magical sound of the GT-sourced power plant, which tingles spines with the top stowed away.
To celebrate the heritage of the Speedster relative to Porsche’s earliest road and racing cars, an exclusive design package was offered as a factory option. It’s just aesthetics but it brings full circle the inspiration behind one of the most exciting Porsche’s of all time. The classic shade of GT Silver adorns the distinctive Speedster shape, with a white racing livery and personalized starting number on the hood and doors. An additional bespoke touch on the hood is the vintage Porsche crest replacing the modern interpretation, and gold model badges replicate historic charm inside and out.

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But the distinction and heritage of this package doesn’t represent the fullest scope of Porsche Exclusive’s capabilities. Customers are still the final word of the legacy of the 911 Speedster and some have taken significant steps to ensure it is a strong one, and Porsche of The Main Line was fortunate to work with a client to create one of the most special examples of the Speedster that will ever hit the road.
911 Speedster #1562/1948 was delivered in January 2020 but leaves an impact that will not be forgotten any time soon. Finished in the classic shade of Irish Green, this Paint-to-Sample collectors’ piece embodies the ideologies of 911s past and present. As we recall, Porsche decorated its one millionth 911 in that shade of green, and what has more symbolism to the model’s heritage than that one?

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On the surface, the Irish Green exterior paint may be the most obvious sign that this Speedster is something special. But it truly is the tip of the iceberg for this specification, and the more you explore it, the more incredible it gets. Opening the door greets you with a supple leather interior  finish in Cognac and black which is a colorway normally reserved for the Heritage packages. The decision for 18-way sport seats instead of buckets is a driver-focused one, and the seat centers feature the recognizable Pepita pattern made famous by the earliest 911s.

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While the driver will spend most of their time inside the car, thus justifying the attention to detail throughout the cabin, one of the most unique features of this Speedster isn’t even visible most of the time. Coordinating with the Porsche Exclusive interior, the front trunk of this Speedster is fully leather-lined in beautiful Cognac, complementing the Irish Green paint that surrounds it and the exposed carbon fiber under the hood. The attention to detail that creates the most exceptional drivers’ cars in the world also makes them some of the most unforgettable just by appearance.

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It’s mostly unknown how the 991 Speedster will be remembered, at least relative to its predecessors. But it’s proving itself to be the driving car Porsche’s purists have been accustomed to, and its clients are ensuring that it lives up to its lineage in more ways than one.
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