Cayman GT4 Clubsport Takes Track Capability to the Extreme

The Cayman GT4 was originally released as a track-ready weapon with the disguise of a road car.

But now the mask has been removed. Completely.

The newest iteration of Porsche’s GT racers is the Cayman GT4 Clubsport, marking the brand’s serious attention to showing the Cayman’s capabilities that were speculatively pondered for so long. The GT4 was originally a reach beyond the benchmark of the Cayman sports car, given that it yanked the Carrera S engine from its more expensive line-mate, but its proven dynamism and focus bred the necessity of it performing competitively.

Enter Porsche Motorsport, and say goodbye to luxuries. The GT4 Clubsport needs none of them.

The race-ready GT4 is stripped entirely of all the goodies that the average driver utilizes, like navigation and radio — or a passenger seat. All of this is in an effort to save weight, which the Clubsport does, as it dropped nearly 100 pounds off the standard road car. While many of the standard options from the GT4 are ditched because racecar, it still maintains its most effective feature: the 385-horsepower, mid-mounted engine. With the shedding of excess weight yet keeping equal power output, the Clubsport’s power-to-weight ratio is increased by about 4 hp/ton, a marginal yet effective difference on the race track.

Porsche-Cayman_GT4_Clubsport_2016_1600x1200_wallpaper_06Beyond the stripped-out interior and slapping on of many stickers, the Clubsport sees more changes to ensure its racetrack potential is met. Like the road car, it borrows some components from the GT3, however in this case it is sharing them with the Cup version. The suspension, for example, is lighter and already sees duty in high-performance racing victories and gives the GT4 even more credibility as it prepares to take to the track.

A further effort to drop seconds from lap times was the abandonment of the manual transmission from the GT4. While highly engaging and good for spirited runs through back roads, it is inevitably slower than the PDK system offered by Porsche. For that fact, the paddles are stuck back onto the steering wheel.

For those with the competitive edge, the Cayman GT4 Clubsport is available straight from Porsche Motorsport and is eligible to be raced among a medley of club-level events around the world.