GTS Fills Out Macan Line-Up

Porsche shoppers are almost always spoiled for choice, with each model having several variants to serve the most dynamic of audiences. Toss in a few individualized options, and the perfect Porsche is achieved.

But the Macan was the only one left missing something. Granted it’s the youngest member of the current Porsche line-up, it came in only base form as the Macan S, and the no-holding-back Macan Turbo. Every other model line had its vacancies filled.


And now the Macan does as well. Like each of the other Porsche models, the GTS badge is tacked on and with it comes added punch and focus. The Macan GTS, set for a March 2016 launch in the US, sits between the two existing Macan models and utilizes a reworked powerplant from the Macan S, gaining 20 horsepower over the entry-level offering.

Slotting below the Turbo and armed with 40 fewer horsepower, the GTS’ potency can still be overlooked. But hardware changes and a new engine calibration, coupled with Porsche’s famous PDK transmission and optional Sport Chrono Package, allow the new GTS to reach 60 miles per hour in as few as 0.2 seconds behind the top-tiered Turbo.

To further show its increased focus, the front brakes are grabbed from the Turbo, and the GTS borrows the rest of the all-wheel-drive powertrain from the Turbo as well. The suspension is adjustable for any driving condition and even sits 10mm lower than the Turbo, lowering the center of gravity for the car. The recalibrated Porsche Stability Management system also provides a new dynamic to driving a Macan.

To characterize the GTS against other Macans on the road, the standard GTS treatment applies on the outside as well. Black trim lines the car from badging to window trim, and the interior is flush with microsuede and leather, contrasted by bright red stitching, seatbelts and dials as options.