Launching the 991.2 at Porsche of The Main Line

The new 2017 Porsche 911’s performance figures show where the car is, but not quite how it got there.

In the more-turbo-than-the-other-turbos 991.2 Turbo S, the car is poised to slay any and all supercar competitors, and even the standard Carrera pushes the power figure ever higher than before. Such is the theme in today’s sports car competition: more horsepower gains and acceleration pulling toward the limit of what is physically possible.

While it is necessary for performance cars to wring out every bit of force they can to keep the benchmark high, it was the 911 that set the benchmark in the first place. For decades – already more than 50 years – the Porsche 911 has set the table for what is expected of a sports car, in terms of performance and emotion. The latest 911 takes the lineage of previous generations and runs with it. Fast.

But before the turbocharged 991.2 becomes all the rage and sets itself apart, it would be fitting to hold a memorial for 911s past.JMW_6472

The Porsche of The Main Line 991.2 launch event placed a clear focus on the evolution of the 911 right from the outset. A physical timeline of the 911 greeted guests immediately inside the door, taking them on a journey of progression through the years. West Chester-based Porsche fanatics Holt Motorsports provided multiple generations of 911, from the 911 classic to the 964, while a rare Riviera Blue 993 rounded out the air-cooled lineup. A 996 convertible posed alongside a 997 coupe from the pre-owned department, bringing about the familiarity of the modern 911 prior to the unveil of the most modern one.

With one 991.2 under a cover, and the showcase car being out of sight for much of the event, guests had to sit and wait for their opportunity to see the new car. But another option was for them to reveal it themselves.

It would have been fitting, and expected, for the car at the end of the walkway to be the new 991.2 rounding out the history of the 911. But in order to keep the suspense on the unveil of the actual car, the car was hidden via a more surreptitious approach. The end of the entrance tunnel featured a large poster board, displaying pertinent facts and features of the car, as well as the always-recognizable silhouette of the 911. However the silhouette was coated with thermochromic paint, and with the help of two blow dryers stationed by, visitors could reveal a fully colored and detailed image of the the new 911 before seeing it on the showroom floor.JMW_6508

Another peek at the famous silhouette came in a purely sculpted form, similar to how an automotive designer would mold a car. Philadelphia-based artists Fear No Ice hacked away at ice blocks until the iconic 911 shape came to, presenting one final teaser before the showroom presented the real thing. Catering from The Capital Grille and music from The Sermon! livened up the showroom as anticipation built for the final unveil.

After plenty of socializing and soaking up the enjoyment of the previous 911s, it was time to bring in the next one. And it came in true 911 style.

Over 100 miles per hour on public roads is hardly ever recommended, but with a police escort, experienced racing driver and a turbocharged 911, it was a dream scenario. Former Le Mans champion David Donohue launched the new Carrera 4S into the present on the stretchy deserted roads outside West Chester, making a splash through the rain before drying off for the remainder of the evening.

With the 991.2 finally settled in, guests were granted rights of exploration, taking in the new features; examining the dynamic new looks, fiddling with Apple CarPlay’s new interface and overall absorbing what the new 911 is.

The 991.2 is set to be the halo of Porsche’s sports car range and the competitor worth shooting for, just like the 911 always has been.


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