The MSO X is the First Extreme 570S

McLaren Special Operations exists solely to execute the things that customers simply dream possible. From entirely one-off models like the X-1, to paint samples that match anything in your imagination, the exclusive branch of McLaren’s road car company has had a hand in some of the most radical creations in the modern supercar market.

The latest project borne from MSO is a take on the 570S coupe, but with very different intentions. Taking inspiration from the track-only 570S GT4, the new MSO X transforms a capable everyday sports car into an intimidatingly focused motorsports specimen, with each tweak rationalized as entirely functional to a racing pedigree. Named the X and fittingly marking a production run of just 10 units, all were sold through RDS’ McLaren Newport Beach store; and to ensure that each one gets a glimpse of the environment in which it was created for, all 10 were delivered at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in southern Nevada for an open track experience right out of the factory.

Putting the MSO X to use at the track meant taking advantage of the enhancements applied to the car by McLaren. The additions are not merely options checked off on a 570S, they are entirely bespoke and will remain limited to the X and nothing else. Among the exterior features are carbon fiber canards and a rear wing, which adds as much as 220 lbs of downforce, plus a roof-mounted snorkel that strongly resembles the one integrated into the F1 GTR Longtail. And it should, given that each of the 10 cars features unique liveries inspired by famous Le Mans-racing F1s.

Inside, the same treatment is given to the point it almost rings unfamiliar. Sure, core functions remain, like air conditioning, the infotainment center and parking aids. (Mind you, it’s a fully road-legal US car, so some exceptions made it through.) But from there, things become minimal.  Alcantara and carbon fiber, while used liberally in other supercars, are just about the only materials found inside the X. The carbon fiber monocoque is exposed due to the removal of leather and carpeting found in the normal 570S, and the elevated center controls are more of the same. Those sit between carbon fiber seats coated in Alcantara, with a body-colored roll bar and six-point racing harness keeping you planted in them.

So, the MSO X is entirely unique just about from the ground up, and with all 10 landing at a single dealership, nearly impossible to come across. However…

McLaren Philadelphia is incredibly honored to deliver the only MSO X outside of Newport Beach. Finished in McLaren Orange with black accents and white outline, the fourth MSO X was inspired by F1 GTR #11R which wore the same colors at Le Mans in 1996. After its debut at our inaugural Supercars on Sunday event, the X will join an impressive private collection on the East Coast, where it will essentially be a needle in a haystack.