Porsche 911R Exemplifies Sports Car Ideals

The deviation from the original formula of the 911 came from shifts in the market, not any true dwindling of the enthusiasm toward the car. Turbocharging and pursuit of perfecting the dual-clutch automatic transmission came from external pressures, and Porsche obliged.

12778849_10154153500897668_6608370573336982914_oWhen the original Porsche purists came calling back, the brand had to oblige again.

To offer the best product for both sides of its demographic, Porsche has essentially taken the new GT3 RS and reinstalled its classic heritage into it in the form of an engaging six-speed manual transmission. It comes mated to the RS’ 4-liter flat-six engine that remains naturally-aspirated and pumps out 500 horsepower in an effort to propel to 200 miles per hour at the top end. 0-60 comes a tad slower than the PDK-equipped RS, but its 3.7-second mark still challenges most modern supercars. Only 991 will be built, ensuring that it’s just as rare as them, as well.

But the 911R isn’t a car that runs on numbers, it thrives on the true passion of its drivers and the undeniable history of the 911. At 110 pounds lighter than the GT3 RS, it, as standard, abandons air conditioning and stereo, focusing solely on the ecstasy of driving, the underlying foundation of the 911. Its symbolic livery pays homage to the original car to wear the 911R badge, decorating its GT3-styled body with an outward reminder of the lineage of the 911.

However, only a select group of Porsche enthusiasts will truly feel it.