The 911 GT2 RS is the Poster Car for Extreme – and Forza

While it’s likely that Porsche will limit the new 911 GT2 RS to just a handful of elite clients, they are offering the experience of it to all of its fans through Forza Motorsport 7, a Microsoft title dropping in the fall of 2017 on Xbox and PC.

The GT2 RS is to be the most powerful 911 to date, delivering north of the 612 horsepower from the previous version, again to the rear wheels with a twin-turbo flat-six. In a deviation from previous-generation GT2s, the new RS will handle the power exclusively through a PDK transmission. Gamers can still decide to amp up the difficulty with the “manual + clutch” shift settings, while real-world drivers will only simply be able to click the paddles.

The car had been spotted in testing but the undisguised car was shown for the first time at the annual E3 conference in Los Angeles on Sunday. Debuting the latest hardcore Porsche at an electronics expo seems confusing on the face of it, as most of the these highly-anticipated debuts take place at various automotive events around the world as manufacturers compete with each other to capture attention. Porsche did ensure, however, that they would be the only automaker to get the attention at E3 this year, rolling out the GT2 RS in concert with the future Forza installment on which the car will grace its cover.

Porsche announced a multi-year deal with Microsoft earlier this year, and now the partnership is coming to fruition with one of the most dramatic cars in Porsche’s modern history.